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Watch for it on the Golf Channel, NBC Sports, ESPN Classic, ESPN News, FOX Business, American Heros, ION Life and the Tennis Channel. The IceSkin™ Caddies test IceSkin™ on Isaac “Sasquatch” Sanchez (Winner of “The Big Break”), Professional TourQuest Golfers (Paul Imondi, Sam Goulden, KC Lim) and others in the hottest place on earth – Death Valley, California.



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  • "I love IceSkin."

    KC Lim - Professional Golfer
  • "I've never worn a golf shirt that's cooled me down as much as IceSkin. It's thin, it feels breathable, when you get it a little wet it turns to ice."

    Sam Goulden - Professional Golfer
  • "A shirt that helps you cool down is an advantage."

    Paul Imondi - Professional Golfer
  • "Weather is the biggest factor in scoring conditions. Being able to wear the IcesSkin shirt, regulating your body temperature with the fabric, is a huge advantage."

    Isaac "Sasquatch" Sanchez - Professional Golfer






How it works

IceSkin™ is engineered through a multi-layered, three-dimensional, knitting process. By combining a high percentage of natural jade mineral with our CoolSkin® microfibre technology, the MST process transforms fibres, finer than a human hair into filaments with unique performance capabilities.


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