Garmatex Technologies, a leader in number of innovative performance fabric technologies, now introduces IceSkin™. A moisture-activated cooling performance fabric that will change the way you think about extreme cooling.

IceSkin™ is engineered through a multi-layered, three-dimensional, knitting process. By combining a high percentage of natural jade mineral with our CoolSkin® microfibre technology, the MST process transforms fibres, finer than a human hair into filaments with unique performance capabilities.

As heat exits the body through perspiration and evaporates, jade minerals harness the moisture’s coolness and optimize comfort by lowering the skin’s ambient surface temperature.

The sun’s rays reflect off the jade minerals, throwing thermal energy away from the body that helps in the cooling process as well as offering UV protection.

The permeability of IceSkin™ fabric is increased with active body motion, promoting evaporation, and the dot-matrix pattern weave enhances cooling.

Bact-Out®, a proprietary, antimicrobial nanotechnology, ensures superior anti fibre-degradation and odor resistance that controls 99.9% of bacteria, even after 50 washes. Double hemming, coverlock stitching in sleeves, soft self-collar, and stretch construction allow for enhanced range of motion and comfort.